Expert Interviews with Guerilla Film Makers

Realm Media, Shooting DSLR and Crowdfunding

Meet Dave Reynolds from Realm Media, hot off the heels of his uber successful short for Pepsi Max AND a stunning $100,000 crowdfunding campaign for his epic fantasy drama ‘The Under Water Realm’.
Watch the full seminar from the launch event of the 2012 Guerilla Masterclass here…

'A Lonely Place To Die' script to screen

Script to screen with the team behind Brit thriller ‘A Lonely Place To Die’. On the Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass we discuss a specific and clear career plan. ‘A Lonely Place To Die’ would be an excellent example of a stage four film that could transport the film makers into stage five of their careers.

Watch the full seminar and read the shooting script here


The King's Speech

Extraordinary session with Oscar winners Gather Owen and David Siedler from the Friday evening session of the 2011 Guerilla Film Makers Masterclass. Hearing the journey Gareth took makes one realise that the Oscar truly is within the reach of any film maker with the moxy to go for it.

Watch video seminar here


Short Film 'Treevenge'

Interview with the film makers behind short film horror shocker 'Treevenge'. Includes the film itself, but beware, it's not for the feint hearted! A great case study in a film that played to a fan base and went viral. Exclusive interview from The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook.

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Horror feature 'Dead Wood', made for £10k

The story of how three film makers produced a horror feature film for under ten grand, then sold it to Lionsgate for a fat cheque. A great video seminar recorded at one of our live events.

Watch Seminar Here…


Inspirational film maker, writer and director, Jonny Newman

Jonny Newman made a series of short films which eventually caught the eye of a prolific British producer. Before he know what was happening he was wrapping his first feature and prepping his second. Exclusive interview from The Guerilla Film Makers Pocketbook.

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